CLIENT: Tonelli Design

Client: Tonelli design

The Great Beyond – il grande oltre – è lo specchio con l’anima, che riflette anche ciò che non si vede: un decoro inciso a laser su legno nascosto dalla cornice. L’immagine del decoro si rispecchia sulla parte centrale della superficie, creando un gioco di immagini e di riflessi che arricchiscono la pulizia e la linearità della sua forma. Disponibile solo in versione da parete, puo’ essere posizionato sia in verticale che in orizzontale.

Misure / Dimensions:

200 x 100 cm

180 x 75 cm

A simple rectangular mirror with an hidden detail behind the mirror frame: an internal wooden face with a laser cutted decoration. The image of the decoration is reflected on the central part of the surface, creating a play of images and reflections which enrich the cleaning and the linearity of its shape. It may be placed either vertically or horizontally.

I like to define it the “Mirror for Souls” The mirror usally reflects just the image of things and peoples.But everythings, specially people, are not just bodyes We’re souls first of all. Souls are hidden and needs time to be discovered The hidden decoration wants to represents souls of things and peoples. You can catch the presence of a soul standing in front of the mirror but you need a bit more time and curiosity to catch the detail and to appreciate it.

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